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Looking for a rewarding career? 

We are always looking to grow our team with standout, dedicated individuals. We are currently looking for a reliable, friendly team player to fill a full-time Car Wash Attendant position. Please contact our Hiring Manager to learn more. 


  • Maintaining and washing all vehicles within dealership stock 

  • Moving and positioning stock to be presentable to potential buyers 

  • Preparing new vehicles to be delivered 

  • Prior to delivery, drive new vehicles to get inspected and obtain new number plates for clients 

  • Install and/or change number plates on vehicles 

  • Wash exterior and vacuum interior of service vehicles 

  • Be friendly, professional and greet our clients with a smile 

  • Be a safe and law-abiding driver 

  • Driving and picking up vehicles to and from both dealerships 

  • Gather and empty trash around the premises 

  • Other duties as assigned 


  • Valid driver's license 

  • Must be of Dutch citizenship to apply 

  • Fluent in English 

  • Ability to read, write, and comprehend written instructions and information 

  • Outgoing and patient personality 

  • Willingness to learn 

  • Sufficient strength and physical ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the job 

  • Strong attention to detail 

  • Skill to operate essential cleaning equipment 

  • Professional, positive, honest and dependable 

Apply Now! 


It's time to make the most crucial move of your career. We enjoy taking the time with our customers to ensure they are getting into the best vehicle for them. When you join our organization, you will enjoy comprehensive training, competitive compensation, and excellent benefits. Simply put, you'll experience the best that a career in the automotive industry has to offer. 

Job Type: Full-time 


Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm (including 1 hour break) 

Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm 

Email Resume & Apply Now


Hiring Manager: 

Stephanie Vialenc:

(Please submit proof of driver's license) 

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